The operating theatre

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The operating theatre suite of the polyclinic of Savoy carried out at the end of 2003 is the fruit of the Knowledge to make engineering and design departments of General of Health.

The team of design carried out a surgical room with dependences entirely dedicated to the refractive surgery.

The whole of the unit of care answers a schedule of conditions raised in term of requirement.

Normalized room class 1000

- Flow of permanent air 200M3 /hour in downward circuit.

- Double hopper and positive pressure of evacuation.

- Permanent Regulation of the temperature.

- Permanent hydrometrical Regulation in an interval 35-45%

- Permanent Filtration of particles < 1000/M2.

- Regular bacteriological Taking away (submitted to the Committee of Fight of the Nosocomialles Infections)

- Maintenance of surfaces by personnel and specialized techniques

- Electric Safety of supply (double inverter and clinical power generating unit).

The operating theatre suite specialized in refractive surgery of the polyclinic of Savoy is presented in the form of a reference in the Genevese basin.