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Complications have become exceptional (1 case per 5000 area).

- We must remember a relative fragility of ocular surface trauma to the 3 months.).

- In 5% of cases, the limited and transient decrease of the sensitivity of the surface can induce a sensation of dry eye. The complete restoration of sensitivity will solve the problem.

Femto-Lasik technology by combining the Femto LDV Laser Laser Ziemer associated EX500 Alcon has become the standard treatment for surgery accurate and secure.

In this treatment, the laser is applied EX500 after having created and raised a corneal flap for Femto laser..

The use of Femto LDV marks a true technological breakthrough over previous mechanical cutting systems (Microkeratomer), responsible for most complications.

The fineness (100μ + / - 5 microns), the regularity, accuracy of the geometry of the plate can use this method in most indications. The accuracy of refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) is accompanied by an abscence of pain during and after the intervention as well as a rapid visual recovery ..